Feb 19

Now is the time to claim your place in the evolution of humanity.

There is no “doing” to be done.
Only settling into the truth and fully accepting the path you have chosen.

The peace you are feeling now is a deep knowing of your place and purpose.

There are many forms this purpose could have taken and we acknowledge you for choosing to serve many at this time.

This choice will bring you into deeper alignment with the long arc of change.

While choosing to serve at the level of one-on-one is equally important and one that many are called to, we recognize the unique commitment of those who accept the call to be leaders at the group level.

This choice is bringing about an internal transition, an expansion, a shift in your very being. The essence of your purpose remains unchanged from the course you chose before this lifetime, and yet as you choose a scale of service that expands from your previous experience (and frightened you in the past), you engage another level of support from the unseen world.

We are with you as you move forward in service to larger and larger community.
Trust the pulse of joy that draws you along the path.
Trust your heart’s message to those you would serve.

Remember that as you share the depth of your presence and understanding, the right people will be drawn to you.

It has only been your resistance that has made the path difficult at times.
Feel the ease now as you no longer struggle for either anonymity or recognition.

There is nothing to be other than your full self.
Your loving self.

You are ready.

– Spirit speaking through/to Sylvia

Feb 08

Everything is changing.
And by everything we mean, EVERY assumption, every belief, every
system, every pattern.

The only thing unchanging is love, oneness, peace, the unity of all

But even your experience of all of these is changing radically.
The entry points into these experiences are changing.

Can you feel the love in fear?
Can you feel peace in chaos?
Every moment is inviting you into the new world.
As quickly as you are willing to be made new.

Your DNA is changing.
Your breath is changing.
The consciousness that encompasses ALL is changing.
The very core of life is changing – through you.

Change is touching every part of human consciousness from the micro to the macro.

Some of this change is visible (especially to those on the leading edge), but most is not yet.

Trust your own experience and don’t worry about how others are experiencing their awakening.

Even the way you change is changing.

So what would you cling to?

Don’t even seek to answer this question, but simply notice anything that would not be easily released if you were to wake up in a totally new world.

Focus instead on what is emerging.

Imagine the new world.
We realize this is antithetical to the human pattern of being

We know that for millions of years, you have been building slowly
and incrementally in an evolutionary curve and yes, we are proposing
that you now become referenced instead to the unknown.

We invite you to fully open to quantum change, to allow a shift as
significant as moving from ocean to land. The first creature to do
that successfully was surely risking death, and instead created the
ability to breathe air.

Play with this possibility.
Ask “what if…” and see what emerges.

Root yourself in the Unknown,
and you will find it is the richest soil.

– Spirit speaking through Sylvia

Feb 08

heavenly 2Trust the all-mighty.
Remember that the life force
that moves within you
is the very power of creation

not just outside of you,
as you might have imagined
The force that breathes you
courses through the entire universe

there is no need to rely
on old stories of being rescued from outside yourself

your experience of being “without” has only originated from looking without.

Within you is infinite power
within you is infinite source

trust this all mighty as you trust your own heart

– Spirit speaking through Sylvia

Feb 08

Made to Love

By Sylvia Nibley Love No Comments »

exovenusVIIIII am made to love.
I am made OF love.

Centered in the heart, and including all of creation and beyond.

I have chosen this lifetime to remember this.

I have chosen to have the experience of loving as a female in a world on the verge of humanity’s rebirth.
In transition from darkness to light.

As a female who embodies love in a new time in a new way.
To heal “the sins of the mother.”

To leave behind attachments, oppression, vanity, competition, possessiveness, control, manipulation….all limitations of love.

There is love at the core of all these fear-based illusions,
but love that is not given freely is only a small shadow of the true nature of love.

Love cannot be controlled or grasped.
It can only be felt as an opening inside your own body.

In your own experience.
Where there is openness, there is love.

Where there is contraction, there is love waiting to be remembered.
Waiting to be discovered.

As love, every cell has the capacity to open to even more love.
The opening is simply a relaxing into the true nature of what we are.

This is my practice.

– Spirit speaking through Sylvia

Feb 08

There are many people you have been with before in many different forms of relating, and these connections are what weave you all together.

Close-knit groups that connect to other close-knit groups are connecting the human family much more quickly than can happen through individual relationships. This will continue to speed up and transform the very foundation of relating.

The old form of seeking one soul mate for a lifetime is no longer necessary as it once was for forging deep connections in the human family.

A level of relatedness and intimacy that used to take many years, can now be reached in weeks or months. As growth accelerates and you all awaken to your divinity, the old pattern of seeking love outside yourself is quickly dissolving.

Each individual who experiences this shift is literally shifting the DNA of the whole human organism at a very fundamental level.  The level of our most intimate relationship– ourselves.

Now that is something to celebrate!

Couples are now drawn to “see” each other and be seen. Fortunately there are many souls who have made these agreements, so that none of us can forget (for very long) who we are and why we are here and so of course we find intimate relationships with these souls.

And we learn and grow and stay together for a short time or a long time. The duration is less important than the recognition.

The more centered in your own soul you can BE, the more powerful your relationships will be.

Dependency (physical, emotional and psychological) has been at the core of most mated relationships in human history. Now the foundation  is shifting to love. You are beginning to experience the truth of love in the only way it can be true.

Connection to the source of love in your own heart.

In the past, the words “I love…” have mostly  meant “I need love” and now as you say “I love,” it will mean “I AM Love.”

Connecting to “the one” may still be the experience for a few that have agreed to serve in this way (to hold this energy), but for most “the one” is a worn-out fantasy of finding fulfillment in another.

– Spirit speaking through Sylvia

Feb 08

biggreenhugJust be you

in every nuance of your experience


noticing whatever sensations are here in the moment

letting go of the need to change them

just being with the sweetness of your essence

in all ways and experiences

you never need to leave you

there is nothing that cannot be loved

smile to the fear

smile to the shame

smile to the joy

it’s all part of the dance

Feb 08

OceanMeditationSometimes you will experience us within you and sometimes you will experience us in all that surrounds you.

Remember that both are equally true.

Yes, look for answers within, and also pay attention to the myriad ways in which we exist.
Sometimes you are partial to “looking within’ as if that is the better way to access Spirit and sometimes you look outside yourself for answers or validation.

It is all God.
There is no need to even make a distinction or have a preference.
And source requires no special methods to access.

Just awareness.
Even the preference for ‘going within’ may be a subtle form of separation. It is a withdrawing from the connection to what is “outside.”

It is true that each human experiences awareness from what appears to be ‘within’ and it is good to remember that this is but one perspective of All That Is and no more real than any other.

A subtle point, but we know that you are noticing the subtleties of ego.
Who is the one that believes it exists to go inside or outside?

S: Thank you. I’m feeling these distinctions dissolving into a deeper experience of Oneness.

Yes. We know.

We are with you in every breath.

– Spirit speaking through Sylvia

Feb 08

The love that you have always wanted
is in you
and around you
in such vast quantities
that you could not hold it back
even if you were to die trying.

Even the places that appear to not be love
that appear to be resistance
or shame or darkness of the worst kind,
these things are simply love waiting to be aware of itself.

This illusion of duality – of love and non-love
is simply the game humans create
of remembering (like the children’s game of “peek-a-boo”).

So remember,
when you feel contraction,
and all of the things the mind would say are NOT love…

simply remember
that it’s your move in the game
and the remembering,
the discovery is joy.

Dance with the feelings.
Dance with the illusion,
and remember
that ALL is love.

Ah-hah! There you are!


– Spirit speaking through Sylvia

Feb 08

No place to go
nothing to get

landing in a deeper way –

pure joy

instead of an occasional state, it’s becoming the majority of experience

hear the words
feel the words

continue to unravel
nothing to acquire

letting go is all that remains
releasing through my body . . .


it’s tangible how tension is  just a pattern

there’s no reality to it – just a wound-up-ness
and as I unwind

…all that’s left is joy.

– Spirit speaking through Sylvia

Feb 08

never again do you need to doubt yourself

you know your connection to the divine
as well as you know your own breath

self doubt is simply
a shaky connection to the divine

we are here in every moment
there is never a need to disconnect

every moment you are in awareness,
you ARE us

you may choose to forget, but
that is only the game of fear

stay aware
and you will never be lost

– Spirit speaking through Sylvia

Feb 08

Whether or not you see or feel the possibilities of your life, know that in every moment you are guided by the intelligence of the stars.

The influences of the Universe are working in every aspect of life.
You can trust this.
You can surrender to this.

It is easy to get caught up in the first-person view and forget the bigger (the HUGE, Universal, scale beyond imagining…) picture.

Feel the love in the physical world that you touch and see in this moment all the way to the center of your Universe billions of light years away. ALL of it is love.

What else could there possibly be?

This is a gentle reminder that you are part of that, moment-to-moment, day-to-day, by weeks, months, years, lifetimes, eons.

Remembering this will help you relax into the greater flow.
Yes, today’s agenda of accomplishment is part of that as well….and it is an infinitesimal bit in the whole of creation.

Living in an urban environment is myopic by nature.
Take some time to gaze at the stars.
Take breaks from the energy of the city.

This will revitalize and rejuvenate your soul.
Even looking at expansive pictures can be helpful during your time in the city.

Also exploring the inner reaches of your awareness is helpful (as you already do).
As a hologram, the entire Universe can be accessed through your cellular system.

Play with that!

Zoom out. Zoom in.

This will keep your consciousness flexible.

As always,
we are with you in love.

– Spirit speaking through Sylvia

Feb 08

As more energy courses through your body (and particularly spine), you are noticing some kinks.

The pain is felt because of the pressure of increased flow.
There is also an imbalance in the muscular system that pulls the spine out of alignment ongoingly.

There are emotional energies at the core of these imbalances, but there is no need to analyze or dwell on this. Strengthening your abdominal muscles will allow the lower back to open and shifting the head directly over the shoulders will allow the remaining tension in the head, neck and shoulders to release.

Any emotional imprint that needs to be released will make itself known in the moment.

You are learning the balance of increased energy flow and opening/allowing that flow. It is very much a yin/yang, feminine/masculine physical/spiritual dance in your consciousness.

Enjoy the dance. Enjoy the unraveling of the kinks.

It will be an energizing process!

Guidance for this week:

Let go.

Let go to God.

In the last few days, you have felt some slipping into the old patterns of fear.

Not completely, but as we remind you of this, you can feel what we mean. The subtle familiarity of guilt, shame, unworthiness, separation.

Like a rut in a dirt road that gravity pulls you into. You know this is not a big deal. It is just something to be aware of during the awakening process and we rejoice that you are feeling the pull and recognizing it early, which naturally lifts you out of the pattern.

You are gradually, inexorably merging with us.

With all that is.
With your true nature.
Your higher self.
The I Am Presence.

It does not matter what name is used.

You know this in your heart and are welcoming the opening into Oneness.

The heart of God is in you – always lighting the way.

– Spirit speaking through Sylvia

Feb 08

Stay with us and everything that wants to happen will happen.

It is when you begin to have the experience of an “I” that is separate that stress happens.

It is the pain of being out of alignment with Source and the strength of the stress is exactly equal to the force of your Spirit attempting to pull you back to center.

Stay with us. The One. The All.

Rest into the Presence that is always with you.

That IS you.

There is no reason to leave, except to pretend to forget so that you can experience coming back home.

The fear you feel about accomplishing is coming from the belief that anything needs to be “made” to happen.

You are understanding more and more that this belief is backwards from the way reality really happens.
You are in the transition from “manifesting” to “allowing.”

Continue the practice of being a channel for the divine flowing through you.
Your heart will guide you in every moment, if you simply listen.

Follow the current of joy and all will be accomplished more easily than your past mind could possibly imagine.

Remember that even though the mind/ego will continually comment and misguide,
the mind is the servant of the heart.

Stay in the heart.
Stay home
where all is well.


– Spirit speaking through Sylvia

Feb 08

ALL is well.

You are having the experience of being connected with God as your natural state.

You are now living in what you ARE (infinite fullness), rather than trying to be what you are not (limited self).

All that time you thought you were unworthiness trying to be or ‘get to’ what you were not (Divine) and it turns out that all along you were Divinity pretending to be unworthiness and limitation.

Now there’s the joke!

Coming from the place of pure being you can see that most humans are experiencing life upside down and backwards.

As this state becomes more and more grounded in your experience you will be able to see the places in others where they are pretending to be something other than their true selves.

And you will have the clarity to not believe that ‘act’ for a minute.

You have landed in the Truth my dear, and the illusion will not have the same hold on you again, even if you forget briefly from time-to-time.

THIS is what Freedom feels like.
THIS is what Freedom is.

Everything looks different now, doesn’t it?

Most of the past has been shed and the Light is streaming through you more easily now.
You won’t even remember who you thought you were, except for reminders from people who are living the patterns that used to bind you.

This is as it should be.
You will feel compassion for their suffering and see that suffering as a long-forgotten memory.

Even the belief that to connect with a person you needed to vibrate in the same way is disappearing.
Simply being where you are and feeling what you feel in your heart of hearts is enough.

There is no need to analyze, sympathize, explain or even to teach, although those things may happen while you are connected to your heart.

Being is all there is to be.

In being, ALL is accomplished.

Now isn’t this fun?!


– Spirit speaking through Sylvia

Feb 08

Asking guidance about all that wants to be accomplished and the feeling of pressure and overwhelm.

455It doesn’t really matter what you create in which order.

There is no one right sequence to live your life.

Everything is connected. Everything is interrelated.
It is all bringing you home.

The pressure you feel is simply an attachment to a belief in lack.
An attachment to ‘not enough’ whether it be time, money, resources, love
(specifically related to you).

You can see the abundance of all as a general truth, but don’t deeply know it
totally applies to you. In truth it has nothing to do with ‘you’ personally,
it is simply the core experience of unworthiness
that is the very foundation of the illusion of separation.

When you feel the slightest contraction of fear, look inside for that
core feeling and you will soon unravel it’s hold on you.

It is the very seed of separation.
Without the thought “I am not that” you could never
keep up the play that you are anything but God.

You are on the earth as an artist to play and create using the physical
world as your medium. We are delighted to see what you come up with.
The possibilities are endless. The materials, the process and the result is
all God expressed….as you.

We cannot hold any limitation for you.
Whether you do this or that is your choice.

The experience you have chosen is that of Life,
with all its “this’s and that’s.”

From our view it is not only possible to be in
joy/love during ALL of it, the experience of life is literally MADE of

It takes large amounts of resistance to experience anything else.

Do what feels best. Do what calls your heart. When it comes to
experiences, you can truly ‘have it all” one experience and one moment at a time.

It is only the ego that says things ‘should’ be one way or another.
This is a way of holding onto the illusion that “you” are in control of reality
and it would strip the joy from life in exchange for an apparent
position of power.

Waking up means no longer being fooled by this. The ego will continue to play its part,
but you are no longer “buying it.”

What you create and when is for you to explore and express.
Of course we have a view of no time and we do have great compassion for your
experience of linear reality, but we also know it is not real and we are
here to remind you that there is infinite supply in all dimensions.

Yes, for YOU too.
How could it be otherwise?
Oneness includes EVERY One.

We are One in all things.


– Spirit speaking through Sylvia

Feb 08

Spirit, what would you teach me today?

To trust. To trust your abilities. To trust your intuition. To trust your gifts.

To trust you.

This is where trust begins.

You cannot trust in the outer word until you trust your own experience.

You have been learning this well and now it is time to learn this at a deeper level.

You have been a master teacher in many lifetimes.
The kind of teacher who imparts knowledge through being.

You know it isn’t the words spoken, so much as it is the energy carried by the words.
Remember this.
Connect with the feelings and let them become words, then the message will be clear.

The mind serves the heart.
That is the optimal relationship.
To be the carrier of the heart’s message.
When the mind is not balanced with strength of heart, it cannot help but be over-controlling.

Stay in the heart. Trust the truth that lives there and your message will always be clear.

You know what we speak of.
You have experienced it countless times and because your environment,
your mind-centered culture belittles the power of the heart, you learned over time to doubt your gift.

We would remind you that your knowing goes much deeper than the conditioning of this lifetime.
It was but a brief disorientation in the scope of your experience.

You (and all humans) can find your way in any moment through the heart.
It always contains the clear path.
The way of Love.



– Spirit speaking through Sylvia

Feb 08

iStock_000000370386MediumI know that connecting to source in this way is profound and transformative. So why don’t I do this as often as I feel to?

Because you are afraid of the power that is here.

You are afraid of the implications of what you will find out.

You know that the old ways of being will fall away completely, and that is frightening.

There is so much that is on the verge of falling away.

It’s true. You won’t recognize yourself.

Your life will no longer be rooted in the past.

There will be no ‘you’ to grasp.

You already feel what is across the threshold and you are taking a few moments (which to you looks like days, or weeks, or months) to look at all that will be left behind.

Like walking through a house you are about to move out of.
That is fine. Go ahead and look from where you are now and see what you see.

I see heaviness. I see fear. I see slowness of change and
stagnation. I see sentimentality.

Guilt for what was not done, not fully experienced.

I see identification with personalities.

I see unworthiness.

I notice not wanting to release the me I ‘worked so hard’ to develop.

I see the apparent density of the physical world and how like a suit of armor it is. Not who we really are, but heavy nonetheless.

I see generations of patterns and beliefs as heavy layers that go back through eons of ancestors.

Spirit: The energies that were passed from generation to generation had their place and now they are no longer necessary.

Shedding these layers of the past will bring a lightness, an ease, an energy that has been unimaginable in human history.

There is no need to fear this change, although this fear of the unknown is natural.

It is only something to pass through.

It is as natural as the rush of adrenalin that comes when falling, or the fear of death.

Feel it. Embrace it.

It will not affect the process, even though the mind may believe the fear is the cause of delay.

This is not possible.

The movement towards awakening is already set.

Freedom is inevitable.

Feb 08

Mmmmmmmmmmmhhhh. . .

I am completely open

to direct guidance

I let go of any illusion of me

as a lone individual

and I’m aware of the many spirits who are connected to me

and I have open, direct communication with them

I welcome spiritual guides as part of my awareness

it feels like a partnership

What I realize is that what’s gotten in the way in the past

is simply my ego –

the belief that I am the one doing this.

I liked that because I could take the credit

“I don’t see you guys so it must be just me . . . “

(bright laughter)

Oh, what a silly thing!

When I relax into what’s more real,  I know that I am a unique individual

and I also understand that

I am a teeny tiny little light

In a sea of infinite light

and to try to shine less or more

than any other light

is a really silly idea.

Oh, I can see a million moments in my life where I’ve done that

(more loving laughter)

Oh, that little ego

The thing to do with that little ego when I notice it wanting to be more special and take credit

is to just remind myself that there is nobody else just like me

that’s all I need to know.

My significance is felt when I see my truest light shining

my significance is to shine, to shine pure love

I’m realizing that my mind uses these words love and light as though they are separate things

But what I’m experience now is that the love and the light and the dark are exactly the same.

Pure energy. Vibration.

The most core reality there is.

Everything. EVERYTHING is energy.



It is what we are made of. What everything is made of. And the dark is where EVERYTHING originates.

The sun is light.

The sun is love.

Food is light.

Food is love.

We are light.

We are love.

Light, the only constant – Love, the only constant. Same thing.

I’d love to have a new word for this

Just to say love and light creates two words with distance between them.

A distance that is not real

My feeling is that somewhere in language there must be a word that means both.

In my body I’m feeling Love/Light as one

This feels like the real stuff

I can feel all these separations that used to exist blending, coming together.

I’ve had the experience of duality operating in separation

Light was Spirit

Love was Emotion

Somehow those felt like different things

This feeling is permeating all of me

From here, these beings –

these other presences

are right here.

And they are completely Love.

I also understand why I don’t have a lot of verbal dialogue with them

When I ask for specific questions or guidance

it’s much more about sensing a very quiet guidance.

These guys are not chatty

They say “Be Still and Know”

It’s beyond language

There is a physical sensation too

it’s an anchor that’s a way of recognizing that knowing.

It’s a deep calm in my solar plexus.

That’s interesting because it’s a place where I have felt so much tension for so long.

The calm pulses very quietly and effortlessly pulls me to the right action.

This is my guidance system when it comes to taking action.

There are other centers that have other purposes at other times, but this is the important one to pay attention to now.

It has to do with my purpose. It has to do with healing my relationship around Time.

It has to do with healing my Self, my understanding of Self and how brightly I choose to shine in the world.

I can trust this feeling completely

I can trust it’s movement completely

I can be still and in action in the same moment


Be still and Know.

Feb 07

210012_3998680764532_973027622_oI am finally grounded

I’ve been on this earth long enough
That I feel deeply connected to it

I see the beauty in all that is physical.
Even the part of the picture that is messy.
The rotting, the pain and the death.

I understand how brief
our time is here
and because I also understand the Eternal

I appreciate form from a larger view.

I’m grounded in my purpose
I know that no one can prevent me from living my own life
no one can prevent me from giving my own gifts

…except me.

I just felt an old fear

“But, is there room for me?”

With all the infinite possibilities and numbers of people
is there room for me?

The way I can know if there’s room for me is that
I’m here.

I’m here and there’s space around me
so there must be room for me.

I see that much of my reluctance to be grounded was from the doubt
that there was room for me in the world.

So by touching the ground lightly
Not claiming the physical
I seemed to take up less space on this earth

So now I have a footprint
What a relief!

An appropriate sized footprint

I don’t misuse resources
But I do use resources and I also create resources

I have a conscious and loving relationship with my physical world
I have a conscious and loving relationship with my body

Every day I feel the earth feeding me
and I feel myself as part of that cycle.

I also feed the earth

I give myself full permission
to enjoy this whole experience of matter

I love to play with clay and sand
to touch it, to come back to a very basic playful relationship with earth.

For those times when fear comes around I can say

“Just look at your history”

Look at the big truth and ask
“Have you ever really been without?”

When I do that I feel the calm of the word “NO”

I’ve never been without – really
Although it may have seemed that way

Ask in this moment,
“Do you have everything you really need?”

The answer is always YES.

Look at the past

Look at the present

Look to the future

Why would you be afraid there won’t be enough for you when there always has been enough, really.

(thinking of a time when the story of fear seemed real)

I can see myself in my room as a child
There’s a feeling of
loneliness, emptiness, heaviness

there’s clutter everywhere
there’s a feeling that if I disappeared
nobody would notice or care
that it would actually be easier on the whole family if I were to disappear

…and even from that place, I can also feel
my truer self.

I can feel her waiting and watching
and getting fed by the invisible world
and the world of nature
the world of stories
the miniature world.

The story that nobody would care was drama
that gave me the fantasy, the hope that someone would indeed care

part of me knew that they would notice
that was the root of the suicidal fantasies

That they would discover my broken body

“Oh no!”

And they would be in despair and guilt and torment,
“Why didn’t we notice!?”

That gave me the excuse to blame them

“It’s all their fault”

The Truth was I could have come out more.
I could have asked for more. I would have survived.
There were risks, but I could have asked.

What I understand now is that it’s time to let go of that story.
Forgive them, forgive myself and move on.

Grow up.

I can feel a part of me has been holding out for a parent to come along

and “grow me up.”

But that’s not the way it works. We grow ourselves up.

I’ve believed that by staying helpless in some ways (while appearing mature in others) eventually someone would parent me in the ways I wasn’t parented.

And I see that as I grow up
my son is free to grow up too.

Feb 07

(landing in Future Self)

I am where I have mastered the art of money

It’s dropped back to equal importance

With many other things in my life

Money no longer requires a lot of energy

There were some years when I was working on it and it required more energy

(What is the purpose of money?)

It’s truest purpose is a form of energy that has the most flexibility

You can use money in transformation much more easily than some other forms

Barter has its place trading something for something

When those two things match, what’s wanted for what’s offered

Then you have a very simple exchange

Money allows for many more options

You can take money and turn it into thousands of things rather than just a few things

Having this mastery, what does it bring you?

At the most basic level it gives me the ability to move past it

I can feel my root chakra as a foundation & realize that I have healed foundational issues,

And because I’ve mastered these issues I can move to the next level

Many people who are of spiritual focus

Often times try to skip that foundation

There were years in my life where I did that

But there was always an underlying anxiety about survival

Even if it was low-level and my experience was high vibration

There was always this low hum of body needs, basic needs that I often neglected

Here I have no illusion of money being a guarantee of safety, but I have a  different awareness.

A deep understanding that I will be taken care of

regardless of the situation.

I can really only take care of my needs…….first (tears breaking open)

I finally understand that

I am my best parent

I recognize I am not the source of what I need

But I am the one who attends to my needs

How does that bless those closest to me in my world?

They get to be served by someone who is complete,

Which changes everything.

It’s very different than serving the ego’s needs

it’s serving the deepest needs.

I love myself SO much that I pay attention

and I attend to the deepest needs now

I don’t put them off.

I appear to those I love as a full person.

Sometimes that can be unsettling to them

but at some level deeply appreciated

and inspiring and gives them permission to do the same.

With money I have the feeling

“Of course I get paid”

I get compensated for all that I give

I own that need w/o projecting onto someone else.

Paying me may bring up issues in them

and I am completely at peace w/that.

I do my work and receive compensation freely

without tension and without projection

and that is a gift – to me and to them.

I feel vertical and very aligned

I am grounded

I am open

I’m smiling!

I am love

I receive money lovingly

I give money lovingly

Ah, that’s the key!

Others get the experience of this open and loving place

whether they get it mentally or not.

They’ve seen me receiving them

I thank them with great sincerity

I bless them in whatever way it happens at that moment.

This also gives them the opportunity to trust

It gives them the opportunity to let go.

I am trustable.

They’ve given me money and trust me to transform it.

I take that energy and apply my gifts to it

and transform it on their behalf.

I am very conscious of what I do with it

I take care of my basic needs first so that I can give from a full place

and then I open that energy to transformation through others.

The past challenges have given me the gift of knowing that paying attention is a more loving choice than avoiding.

In an exchange, we both get to see the truth that “lack” is ridiculous.

The truth is, it’s all energy moving

from one place to another.

It can move fast

It can move slow

It can cool off

It can seem to disappear all together

And, it’s always there

Image: A dam where I’m sitting in a dry lake bed (damn those dams!)

I’m holding the irrigation doors that are keeping the water from coming in

I’m the one holding them

I was the one that was not allowing anything to come in

it was all me.

How silly of me!

Let the water in

it’s so much easier this way

The water, the flow feels natural

It feels like the way things are designed

and what I realize is

I don’t have to make that happen

I only need to allow it

and there are simple ways to allow it

For example letting people pay for something right after it’s done

I don’t need to create a gap

When work is done, the money is exchanged and it keeps moving

you don’t eat at a restaurant and not pay when you are finished

I’ve been making it way more work than is needed

In some cases it’s like I created the system for it to be more work

It actually works much better for the medium that I’m in

The internet is an immediate medium things move fast there

This also helps me to understand that when I purchase something

I pay for it at that moment

and if I can’t pay for it at the moment

I don’t purchase it

What I find in doing that

is I open to the abundance in the moment

when I have a need I’m aware of that need

and wait for the full abundance to fulfill that need


This feels so nourishing

It’s cash FLOW

It’s the truest flow

It’s the current of life energy.

Feb 07

Remember that who you really are loves to be seen.

Take it in. Breathe it in.

What do you get when you are truly seen?

You get divine light.

It comes through the eyes of everyone who sees you.

That’s what we give each other.

We give ourselves the light

when we see each other.

It’s so much more than the ego’s needs.

It doesn’t stop there.

It’s like a ricochet that goes on and on and on, brightening the world.

It’s God recognizing ourselves.

Feb 07

Loving Time

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This is the place where I have a loving relationship with time

We are good friends

There is something here about many lifetimes

An understanding of many lifetimes

In many dimensions of time

It helps me relax into time as we know it on this Earth

I’ve learned that the only thing rushing accomplishes

Is a disconnection from love

It feels like as long as I rush I’m not engaged with the bigger reality.

The way mechanisms engage when gears fit together.

When I rush I can only engage with the smaller wheels and actually don’t accomplish as much.

Things appear to be moving, but the real movement is just waiting for me to engage it.

So being in a present and loving relationship w/time

allows me to engage in the big turn of life.

With the fast whirring I only get to engage in ‘fast’

When I move with the truer turn of time

I get to engage w/life more deeply

It’s more real here.

So what my life looks like in this loving relationship is

I breathe much better. Deeper.

Breathing is one of the primary mechanisms for discovering what level you engage. For choosing where you engage.

Fast and shallow breathing is a fast and shallow experience of life.

Deep and relaxed breathing is a deep and relaxed experience of life

Another mechanism for engaging with the passing of time is hormonal.

Functioning on adrenaline I am in the “rush”

There is a purpose for adrenaline. To protect and survive.

Not to move you through life.

It’s meant only for times of emergency

So feeling adrenaline is a message to ask “am I in an emergency?” “Is this a crisis?”

If it is a crisis, adrenaline is a gift.

If it is not an emergency, it’s an opportunity to open and let go of fear.

And trust God

From this place I’m astounded at how efficient and on top of things I can be.

When functioning from a true relationship w/time

I’ve learned that rushing never gets you current.

Never gets you in the Now. It only gives you the feeling that you should be somewhere else.

Used to believe if something presented itself it automatically required energy/attention.

Everything in the moment is important, but sometimes the purpose of things arising is to just bless it and move on.

I don’t have to explore every connection as far as it will go

I don’t have to go down every path to see what’s at the end

Especially if it’s someone else’s path.

That’s their job, not mine.

I stay on my path, that’s my only job; it intersects with other people’s and sometimes parallels other’s, but I am not the explorer of anyone else’s.

I have only my life to live.

My heart can lead the way. My body can move me along the way. And the rest of me can come along for the ride. My mind can be interested in all the things we see. Can identify some of the plants and label the experiences, but the one that really knows The Way is my heart.

When I’m wondering what to do, where to go. I ask my heart “In this moment, what is the Truest action?” “where is my path….now?”

And I trust the answers.

It’s also important to remember that there are infinite possibilities for choices of action. Not just one.  But where the mind would want to catalog them all and be the one believing it chooses, the heart always knows the way.

The way home.

Feb 07

In this moment I’ve forgotten every unnecessary part of the past

There are some parts I’ve chosen to keep with me

Essential parts can’t be lost

No need to hang on to their shells

This is being current

(literally – current – electricity, water)

There is no question everything I need is here right now or coming and very close

In my body I feel a sense of expanding into what’s next

Where I draw the next thing I need

I am present

I am clear

I sense the next step I’m taking

draws in the next stepping stones.

No need to know beyond that.

Clear and deep trust that exactly what I need will be there exactly when I need it

Thinking of the old pattern I had of keeping stuff because I might need it.

Had to do with belief that I had to be the Source of what I needed

If I didn’t keep it when I encountered it, I wouldn’t have it when needed.

I see little girl w/o needs met, so of course I would hang on.

Belife “You may never have access to this abundance again”

What allows me to get here is unshakable trust.

What feeds and supports me is bigger than me

What about regret for having let some things go?

Those times are about doubting abundance

And comes from regret/grief that I didn’t fully experience it when I did have it

I need to have lots and lots of forgiveness around that.

If there is grieving, grieve and realize I can’t recapture the past moment.

I can only experience this moment and let the past go

This allows me to experience things in my life that are currently serving me

I don’t need relationships with thousands of things

Just hundreds of things that represent my current life

That’s the right balance of energy

And that’s perfect.

Exactly what I need to clean my house…

Feb 07

I feel absolute support

Unquestionable, unshakable support

First thing I notice is that my muscles relax around my bones

Instead of exterior structures to hold me up

I relax into the incredible support of my bones

My bones are really happy to be there for me

They are saying, ‘That’s what we are made for!”

Of course that’s what they are here for

I was fighting gravity, and they just waited for me to show up

And notice they hold me up

The energy in my bones is the deepest


They are made of stone, literally

Stone but filled with light

They are hollow

with a softness in the center

that is a Carrier of Light

Never felt marrow of my bones before.

This is my center

the carrier of life

Marrow makes my blood

Source of the very stuff that keeps me alive,

my Lifeblood

It has been there all of these years and I have never even noticed it

When I go in and ask “am I supported?”

Deep, deep juicy rich


More supported than you ever imagined

I was trying to rely on everything else for support.

That can’t work.

Like trying to balance on anything but the center

Trying to balance on the edges, like a see-saw

That can’t ever work.

This is my own center

Once realized, there is no point in ever being off-center

My dance with others becomes a wonderful exchange and movement

from my own center.

I got here by feeling into this place often

Helped to pay attention to the mineral component of my body

And feed it with the trace minerals it needs

Feeding it makes the stone  feel more support

Helps the marrow to feed light

All important components to work optimally

Now I’m feeling light moving through the center of my body

Feel it originating in very center of my bones

When I used to feel only the exterior of bones, they felt fragile.

With awareness of my deep center there is so much more support

Light moves through the spine and long bones really well

Even small bones – with really thin and fragile bones like skull and ear bones

Buzzing – All is pure vibration

I move with more ease, feel more strong and whole

Awareness of whole core as moving vibrant system

Once believed core was mysterious part of me, and didn’t feel connected or

know where it was.

Spine is fluid mover of life allowing it all to circulate

I drink lots of water

Pay attention when body needs something

Is it mineral, chemical, structural?

I find clarity to function optionally

Notice change in muscular system. Release.

All of it gets to let go – abdomen, shoulders

All parts of me I once believed I needed to make things happen

Now I let go and feel supported.

Much less effort!