Nov 24

The end of the world as we know it

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If you’ve been  paying attention to the countdown for the exciting conclusion to the Mayan Calendar at the Winter Solstice in December 2012, here’s a channeled message I received from Spirit about what looks to be a beginning, not the end of time.

The Winter Solstice of 2012 has been the focus of great hope and intention and it is indeed a special day, but as with many events of cosmic significance it can be easy to misinterpret or get in a stressful relationship with because of the sense of momentousness.

There is no need for this.

While a certain amount of excitement and anticipation is natural, seeing one day as more important than any other can take our attention away from the present moment, which is more powerful than anything happening around us-even significant cosmic events.

For many years now the song of the Universe has been building to a crescendo. More and more people are hearing the change and contributing their own unique melodies and harmonies as this part of the era or age comes to a conclusion.

If you see it as a symphony, the solstice of December 21st, 2012 is simply a turning point, a pause between movements and the beginning of a new one with a different feeling, different tempo and new themes.

For those of you who have been preparing and consciously participating in this galactic shift, observing the countdown of days to the solstice is an opportunity to accelerate your own awakening in unexpected ways.

Planning special events to gather, meditate and tune in during the passage of earth into this new energy is encouraged, but to focus attention only on the day of the solstice would cause you to miss many points of extraordinary expansion in the days leading up to and following that moment.

There is tremendous energy available now for all those who are willing to receive it.

Our guidance to you is to meditate each day at any time you feel called. Listen to your body for subtle cues to pause and quiet your mind. These signals will be unique to you, perhaps a sudden wave of tiredness, a desire for silence, an interruption that reminds you to take a break. Do your best to follow these impulses whether the meditative moments are brief or extended.

This is how your nervous system will be able to tune itself to higher and higher frequencies gently and with ease. Trust the wisdom of your body through this time of transition and you will receive benefits greater than your logical mind can understand.

You will also substantially increase your capacity to live in the moment as you consistently meditate during the days before, during and after the 2012 Winter Solstice. This is by far the greatest potential of the “portal” in consciousness that has been so anxiously awaited for millennia-for each of you to experience in your own heart the light of truth, the infinite joy of being.

Even as you celebrate and sense the significance of the position of planets on a grand scale, keep your focus in the moment, keep your awareness with the portal of consciousness that is within you, and you will have the opportunity to participate in a chorus of joy that is greater than anything you have imagined.

– Spirit speaking through Sylvia

Jun 14

Full Plate

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A conversation with Spirit, 2012

Q: There’s a lot on my plate. How do I balance everything?

A: Follow the flow. Completely. Allow us to work through you. You can be connected to us in every moment. For mental work, let us think through you. For physical work, let us be the strength that moves your body.

Let us give you the words to speak. Let go of the belief that you are “doing” anything. Remember we are ALWAYS accessible. There is no need to function alone.

Q: Thank you. Another question. There’s so much information coming in and so much of it seems interesting but I know that with everything I want to create, there isn’t time to follow all the things that look interesting. What do you suggest?

Yes, study, but only for inspiration. Once the spark of inspiration has been activated, take action from that inspiration. Include us in every part of the process and remember that you have access to infinite knowledge. We will place material in front of you that will inspire the next action and the next. Trust that you will never be without guidance.

Q: I hear you and understand that you see things from the infinite view. What about when this dimension feels heavy and slow?

A: Let go of the need to create alone. Drop the belief that things must take a certain amount of time. It is when you disconnect from us that creation feels heavy and hard. We are here to help. We are here to make what you call miracles, but only when you allow us to.

Consider the possibility of instant manifestation, of great ease, of teamwork that feels effortless. The physical dimension need not feel heavy and hard. It can feel light, joyful and miraculous.

Play at that level of feeling, for that is why you are here.



Feb 07

Loving Time

By Sylvia Nibley Messages from Spirit, Time Comments Off on Loving Time

This is the place where I have a loving relationship with time

We are good friends

There is something here about many lifetimes

An understanding of many lifetimes

In many dimensions of time

It helps me relax into time as we know it on this Earth

I’ve learned that the only thing rushing accomplishes

Is a disconnection from love

It feels like as long as I rush I’m not engaged with the bigger reality.

The way mechanisms engage when gears fit together.

When I rush I can only engage with the smaller wheels and actually don’t accomplish as much.

Things appear to be moving, but the real movement is just waiting for me to engage it.

So being in a present and loving relationship w/time

allows me to engage in the big turn of life.

With the fast whirring I only get to engage in ‘fast’

When I move with the truer turn of time

I get to engage w/life more deeply

It’s more real here.

So what my life looks like in this loving relationship is

I breathe much better. Deeper.

Breathing is one of the primary mechanisms for discovering what level you engage. For choosing where you engage.

Fast and shallow breathing is a fast and shallow experience of life.

Deep and relaxed breathing is a deep and relaxed experience of life

Another mechanism for engaging with the passing of time is hormonal.

Functioning on adrenaline I am in the “rush”

There is a purpose for adrenaline. To protect and survive.

Not to move you through life.

It’s meant only for times of emergency

So feeling adrenaline is a message to ask “am I in an emergency?” “Is this a crisis?”

If it is a crisis, adrenaline is a gift.

If it is not an emergency, it’s an opportunity to open and let go of fear.

And trust God

From this place I’m astounded at how efficient and on top of things I can be.

When functioning from a true relationship w/time

I’ve learned that rushing never gets you current.

Never gets you in the Now. It only gives you the feeling that you should be somewhere else.

Used to believe if something presented itself it automatically required energy/attention.

Everything in the moment is important, but sometimes the purpose of things arising is to just bless it and move on.

I don’t have to explore every connection as far as it will go

I don’t have to go down every path to see what’s at the end

Especially if it’s someone else’s path.

That’s their job, not mine.

I stay on my path, that’s my only job; it intersects with other people’s and sometimes parallels other’s, but I am not the explorer of anyone else’s.

I have only my life to live.

My heart can lead the way. My body can move me along the way. And the rest of me can come along for the ride. My mind can be interested in all the things we see. Can identify some of the plants and label the experiences, but the one that really knows The Way is my heart.

When I’m wondering what to do, where to go. I ask my heart “In this moment, what is the Truest action?” “where is my path….now?”

And I trust the answers.

It’s also important to remember that there are infinite possibilities for choices of action. Not just one.  But where the mind would want to catalog them all and be the one believing it chooses, the heart always knows the way.

The way home.