Feb 08

Evolving Relationships

By Sylvia Nibley Awakening, I See You, Love, Messages from Spirit Comments Off on Evolving Relationships

There are many people you have been with before in many different forms of relating, and these connections are what weave you all together.

Close-knit groups that connect to other close-knit groups are connecting the human family much more quickly than can happen through individual relationships. This will continue to speed up and transform the very foundation of relating.

The old form of seeking one soul mate for a lifetime is no longer necessary as it once was for forging deep connections in the human family.

A level of relatedness and intimacy that used to take many years, can now be reached in weeks or months. As growth accelerates and you all awaken to your divinity, the old pattern of seeking love outside yourself is quickly dissolving.

Each individual who experiences this shift is literally shifting the DNA of the whole human organism at a very fundamental level.  The level of our most intimate relationship– ourselves.

Now that is something to celebrate!

Couples are now drawn to “see” each other and be seen. Fortunately there are many souls who have made these agreements, so that none of us can forget (for very long) who we are and why we are here and so of course we find intimate relationships with these souls.

And we learn and grow and stay together for a short time or a long time. The duration is less important than the recognition.

The more centered in your own soul you can BE, the more powerful your relationships will be.

Dependency (physical, emotional and psychological) has been at the core of most mated relationships in human history. Now the foundation  is shifting to love. You are beginning to experience the truth of love in the only way it can be true.

Connection to the source of love in your own heart.

In the past, the words “I love…” have mostly  meant “I need love” and now as you say “I love,” it will mean “I AM Love.”

Connecting to “the one” may still be the experience for a few that have agreed to serve in this way (to hold this energy), but for most “the one” is a worn-out fantasy of finding fulfillment in another.

– Spirit speaking through Sylvia

Feb 08

Just Be You

By Sylvia Nibley I See You, Love, Messages from Spirit Comments Off on Just Be You

biggreenhugJust be you

in every nuance of your experience


noticing whatever sensations are here in the moment

letting go of the need to change them

just being with the sweetness of your essence

in all ways and experiences

you never need to leave you

there is nothing that cannot be loved

smile to the fear

smile to the shame

smile to the joy

it’s all part of the dance

Feb 07

I See You

By Sylvia Nibley Awakening, I See You, Messages from Spirit Comments Off on I See You

Remember that who you really are loves to be seen.

Take it in. Breathe it in.

What do you get when you are truly seen?

You get divine light.

It comes through the eyes of everyone who sees you.

That’s what we give each other.

We give ourselves the light

when we see each other.

It’s so much more than the ego’s needs.

It doesn’t stop there.

It’s like a ricochet that goes on and on and on, brightening the world.

It’s God recognizing ourselves.