Feb 08

breathe in
as though
you are
the Holy One

as though
you are
the sand around the ocean

as though
you are
a star giving birth

absorbing the matter of the universe
and lighting the heavens

all bindings of the past
in this body

as a bird leaves the ground
when taking flight

as though
you are creation itself

with every caress

through emptiness

You are no less than this.

– Spirit speaking through Sylvia

Nov 24

The end of the world as we know it

By Sylvia Nibley Awakening, Clarity, Connection to Source, Messages from Spirit, Support, Time Comments Off on The end of the world as we know it

If you’ve been  paying attention to the countdown for the exciting conclusion to the Mayan Calendar at the Winter Solstice in December 2012, here’s a channeled message I received from Spirit about what looks to be a beginning, not the end of time.

The Winter Solstice of 2012 has been the focus of great hope and intention and it is indeed a special day, but as with many events of cosmic significance it can be easy to misinterpret or get in a stressful relationship with because of the sense of momentousness.

There is no need for this.

While a certain amount of excitement and anticipation is natural, seeing one day as more important than any other can take our attention away from the present moment, which is more powerful than anything happening around us-even significant cosmic events.

For many years now the song of the Universe has been building to a crescendo. More and more people are hearing the change and contributing their own unique melodies and harmonies as this part of the era or age comes to a conclusion.

If you see it as a symphony, the solstice of December 21st, 2012 is simply a turning point, a pause between movements and the beginning of a new one with a different feeling, different tempo and new themes.

For those of you who have been preparing and consciously participating in this galactic shift, observing the countdown of days to the solstice is an opportunity to accelerate your own awakening in unexpected ways.

Planning special events to gather, meditate and tune in during the passage of earth into this new energy is encouraged, but to focus attention only on the day of the solstice would cause you to miss many points of extraordinary expansion in the days leading up to and following that moment.

There is tremendous energy available now for all those who are willing to receive it.

Our guidance to you is to meditate each day at any time you feel called. Listen to your body for subtle cues to pause and quiet your mind. These signals will be unique to you, perhaps a sudden wave of tiredness, a desire for silence, an interruption that reminds you to take a break. Do your best to follow these impulses whether the meditative moments are brief or extended.

This is how your nervous system will be able to tune itself to higher and higher frequencies gently and with ease. Trust the wisdom of your body through this time of transition and you will receive benefits greater than your logical mind can understand.

You will also substantially increase your capacity to live in the moment as you consistently meditate during the days before, during and after the 2012 Winter Solstice. This is by far the greatest potential of the “portal” in consciousness that has been so anxiously awaited for millennia-for each of you to experience in your own heart the light of truth, the infinite joy of being.

Even as you celebrate and sense the significance of the position of planets on a grand scale, keep your focus in the moment, keep your awareness with the portal of consciousness that is within you, and you will have the opportunity to participate in a chorus of joy that is greater than anything you have imagined.

– Spirit speaking through Sylvia

Feb 08

All Mighty

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heavenly 2Trust the all-mighty.
Remember that the life force
that moves within you
is the very power of creation

not just outside of you,
as you might have imagined
The force that breathes you
courses through the entire universe

there is no need to rely
on old stories of being rescued from outside yourself

your experience of being “without” has only originated from looking without.

Within you is infinite power
within you is infinite source

trust this all mighty as you trust your own heart

– Spirit speaking through Sylvia

Feb 08

Inside or Outside?

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OceanMeditationSometimes you will experience us within you and sometimes you will experience us in all that surrounds you.

Remember that both are equally true.

Yes, look for answers within, and also pay attention to the myriad ways in which we exist.
Sometimes you are partial to “looking within’ as if that is the better way to access Spirit and sometimes you look outside yourself for answers or validation.

It is all God.
There is no need to even make a distinction or have a preference.
And source requires no special methods to access.

Just awareness.
Even the preference for ‘going within’ may be a subtle form of separation. It is a withdrawing from the connection to what is “outside.”

It is true that each human experiences awareness from what appears to be ‘within’ and it is good to remember that this is but one perspective of All That Is and no more real than any other.

A subtle point, but we know that you are noticing the subtleties of ego.
Who is the one that believes it exists to go inside or outside?

S: Thank you. I’m feeling these distinctions dissolving into a deeper experience of Oneness.

Yes. We know.

We are with you in every breath.

– Spirit speaking through Sylvia

Feb 08

Here in Every Moment

By Sylvia Nibley Connection to Source, Messages from Spirit Comments Off on Here in Every Moment

never again do you need to doubt yourself

you know your connection to the divine
as well as you know your own breath

self doubt is simply
a shaky connection to the divine

we are here in every moment
there is never a need to disconnect

every moment you are in awareness,
you ARE us

you may choose to forget, but
that is only the game of fear

stay aware
and you will never be lost

– Spirit speaking through Sylvia

Feb 08

Whether or not you see or feel the possibilities of your life, know that in every moment you are guided by the intelligence of the stars.

The influences of the Universe are working in every aspect of life.
You can trust this.
You can surrender to this.

It is easy to get caught up in the first-person view and forget the bigger (the HUGE, Universal, scale beyond imagining…) picture.

Feel the love in the physical world that you touch and see in this moment all the way to the center of your Universe billions of light years away. ALL of it is love.

What else could there possibly be?

This is a gentle reminder that you are part of that, moment-to-moment, day-to-day, by weeks, months, years, lifetimes, eons.

Remembering this will help you relax into the greater flow.
Yes, today’s agenda of accomplishment is part of that as well….and it is an infinitesimal bit in the whole of creation.

Living in an urban environment is myopic by nature.
Take some time to gaze at the stars.
Take breaks from the energy of the city.

This will revitalize and rejuvenate your soul.
Even looking at expansive pictures can be helpful during your time in the city.

Also exploring the inner reaches of your awareness is helpful (as you already do).
As a hologram, the entire Universe can be accessed through your cellular system.

Play with that!

Zoom out. Zoom in.

This will keep your consciousness flexible.

As always,
we are with you in love.

– Spirit speaking through Sylvia

Feb 08

Connecting to Source

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iStock_000000370386MediumI know that connecting to source in this way is profound and transformative. So why don’t I do this as often as I feel to?

Because you are afraid of the power that is here.

You are afraid of the implications of what you will find out.

You know that the old ways of being will fall away completely, and that is frightening.

There is so much that is on the verge of falling away.

It’s true. You won’t recognize yourself.

Your life will no longer be rooted in the past.

There will be no ‘you’ to grasp.

You already feel what is across the threshold and you are taking a few moments (which to you looks like days, or weeks, or months) to look at all that will be left behind.

Like walking through a house you are about to move out of.
That is fine. Go ahead and look from where you are now and see what you see.

I see heaviness. I see fear. I see slowness of change and
stagnation. I see sentimentality.

Guilt for what was not done, not fully experienced.

I see identification with personalities.

I see unworthiness.

I notice not wanting to release the me I ‘worked so hard’ to develop.

I see the apparent density of the physical world and how like a suit of armor it is. Not who we really are, but heavy nonetheless.

I see generations of patterns and beliefs as heavy layers that go back through eons of ancestors.

Spirit: The energies that were passed from generation to generation had their place and now they are no longer necessary.

Shedding these layers of the past will bring a lightness, an ease, an energy that has been unimaginable in human history.

There is no need to fear this change, although this fear of the unknown is natural.

It is only something to pass through.

It is as natural as the rush of adrenalin that comes when falling, or the fear of death.

Feel it. Embrace it.

It will not affect the process, even though the mind may believe the fear is the cause of delay.

This is not possible.

The movement towards awakening is already set.

Freedom is inevitable.