Jun 30

Sing the Bliss of Existence

By Sylvia Nibley Bliss, Love, Messages from Spirit Comments Off on Sing the Bliss of Existence

sing the song of your heart

sing the song of ALL hearts

it is not important who has
ears to hear

listen to the birds who
sing their song with their
whole being
whether anyone hears or not

because to not sing
would be to not love

sing the bliss of existence
and don’t stop

– Spirit speaking through Sylvia

Jun 01
just sit


feel how your heart naturally expands
and rests
with no effort from you whatsoever

in the absence of fear
the heart naturally expands to include everything
and everyone

see how there is nothing real that can hold your love back
nothing real that can separate my heart from yours

see how everyone is gifted by your open heart
especially you
– Spirit speaking through Sylvia
Feb 08

Fall into your own Heart




Soft landing, isn’t it?

The mind likes to make up stories

about it being a leap into the abyss.

That’s the only way you can stay afraid.

Once you have felt this landing

you can never forget how short the distance is

from fear into love.

You might call it one atom

but even that is too far.

There is no distance here.

Only the leap.

– Spirit speaking through Sylvia

Mar 18

We love that you are noticing the acceleration of time
(many people are not).

We hope that you are also noticing
the acceleration of ease
the acceleration of consciousness
the acceleration of love.

You are being swept along on a current
so vast, there can be no mistaking that
your small self has no control.

And your large self
leads the way.

Stay in the current of joy.

Allow you heart to be
swept away
in a tidal wave
of love.

The wave
is unstoppable
and will

There is no doing to be done.

Only surrender.

– Spirit speaking through Sylvia

Feb 08

Made to Love

By Sylvia Nibley Love, Messages from Spirit Comments Off on Made to Love

exovenusVIIIII am made to love.
I am made OF love.

Centered in the heart, and including all of creation and beyond.

I have chosen this lifetime to remember this.

I have chosen to have the experience of loving as a female in a world on the verge of humanity’s rebirth.
In transition from darkness to light.

As a female who embodies love in a new time in a new way.
To heal “the sins of the mother.”

To leave behind attachments, oppression, vanity, competition, possessiveness, control, manipulation….all limitations of love.

There is love at the core of all these fear-based illusions,
but love that is not given freely is only a small shadow of the true nature of love.

Love cannot be controlled or grasped.
It can only be felt as an opening inside your own body.

In your own experience.
Where there is openness, there is love.

Where there is contraction, there is love waiting to be remembered.
Waiting to be discovered.

As love, every cell has the capacity to open to even more love.
The opening is simply a relaxing into the true nature of what we are.

This is my practice.

– Spirit speaking through Sylvia

Feb 08

Evolving Relationships

By Sylvia Nibley Awakening, I See You, Love, Messages from Spirit Comments Off on Evolving Relationships

There are many people you have been with before in many different forms of relating, and these connections are what weave you all together.

Close-knit groups that connect to other close-knit groups are connecting the human family much more quickly than can happen through individual relationships. This will continue to speed up and transform the very foundation of relating.

The old form of seeking one soul mate for a lifetime is no longer necessary as it once was for forging deep connections in the human family.

A level of relatedness and intimacy that used to take many years, can now be reached in weeks or months. As growth accelerates and you all awaken to your divinity, the old pattern of seeking love outside yourself is quickly dissolving.

Each individual who experiences this shift is literally shifting the DNA of the whole human organism at a very fundamental level.  The level of our most intimate relationship– ourselves.

Now that is something to celebrate!

Couples are now drawn to “see” each other and be seen. Fortunately there are many souls who have made these agreements, so that none of us can forget (for very long) who we are and why we are here and so of course we find intimate relationships with these souls.

And we learn and grow and stay together for a short time or a long time. The duration is less important than the recognition.

The more centered in your own soul you can BE, the more powerful your relationships will be.

Dependency (physical, emotional and psychological) has been at the core of most mated relationships in human history. Now the foundation  is shifting to love. You are beginning to experience the truth of love in the only way it can be true.

Connection to the source of love in your own heart.

In the past, the words “I love…” have mostly  meant “I need love” and now as you say “I love,” it will mean “I AM Love.”

Connecting to “the one” may still be the experience for a few that have agreed to serve in this way (to hold this energy), but for most “the one” is a worn-out fantasy of finding fulfillment in another.

– Spirit speaking through Sylvia

Feb 08

Just Be You

By Sylvia Nibley I See You, Love, Messages from Spirit Comments Off on Just Be You

biggreenhugJust be you

in every nuance of your experience


noticing whatever sensations are here in the moment

letting go of the need to change them

just being with the sweetness of your essence

in all ways and experiences

you never need to leave you

there is nothing that cannot be loved

smile to the fear

smile to the shame

smile to the joy

it’s all part of the dance

Feb 08

Love Aware and Unaware of Itself

By Sylvia Nibley Awakening, Love, Messages from Spirit Comments Off on Love Aware and Unaware of Itself

The love that you have always wanted
is in you
and around you
in such vast quantities
that you could not hold it back
even if you were to die trying.

Even the places that appear to not be love
that appear to be resistance
or shame or darkness of the worst kind,
these things are simply love waiting to be aware of itself.

This illusion of duality – of love and non-love
is simply the game humans create
of remembering (like the children’s game of “peek-a-boo”).

So remember,
when you feel contraction,
and all of the things the mind would say are NOT love…

simply remember
that it’s your move in the game
and the remembering,
the discovery is joy.

Dance with the feelings.
Dance with the illusion,
and remember
that ALL is love.

Ah-hah! There you are!


– Spirit speaking through Sylvia

Feb 08

Mind as the servant of the heart

By Sylvia Nibley Love, Messages from Spirit Comments Off on Mind as the servant of the heart

Stay with us and everything that wants to happen will happen.

It is when you begin to have the experience of an “I” that is separate that stress happens.

It is the pain of being out of alignment with Source and the strength of the stress is exactly equal to the force of your Spirit attempting to pull you back to center.

Stay with us. The One. The All.

Rest into the Presence that is always with you.

That IS you.

There is no reason to leave, except to pretend to forget so that you can experience coming back home.

The fear you feel about accomplishing is coming from the belief that anything needs to be “made” to happen.

You are understanding more and more that this belief is backwards from the way reality really happens.
You are in the transition from “manifesting” to “allowing.”

Continue the practice of being a channel for the divine flowing through you.
Your heart will guide you in every moment, if you simply listen.

Follow the current of joy and all will be accomplished more easily than your past mind could possibly imagine.

Remember that even though the mind/ego will continually comment and misguide,
the mind is the servant of the heart.

Stay in the heart.
Stay home
where all is well.


– Spirit speaking through Sylvia

Feb 08

Stay in the Heart

By Sylvia Nibley Love, Messages from Spirit Comments Off on Stay in the Heart

Spirit, what would you teach me today?

To trust. To trust your abilities. To trust your intuition. To trust your gifts.

To trust you.

This is where trust begins.

You cannot trust in the outer word until you trust your own experience.

You have been learning this well and now it is time to learn this at a deeper level.

You have been a master teacher in many lifetimes.
The kind of teacher who imparts knowledge through being.

You know it isn’t the words spoken, so much as it is the energy carried by the words.
Remember this.
Connect with the feelings and let them become words, then the message will be clear.

The mind serves the heart.
That is the optimal relationship.
To be the carrier of the heart’s message.
When the mind is not balanced with strength of heart, it cannot help but be over-controlling.

Stay in the heart. Trust the truth that lives there and your message will always be clear.

You know what we speak of.
You have experienced it countless times and because your environment,
your mind-centered culture belittles the power of the heart, you learned over time to doubt your gift.

We would remind you that your knowing goes much deeper than the conditioning of this lifetime.
It was but a brief disorientation in the scope of your experience.

You (and all humans) can find your way in any moment through the heart.
It always contains the clear path.
The way of Love.



– Spirit speaking through Sylvia