Jun 30

Sing the Bliss of Existence

By Sylvia Nibley Bliss, Love, Messages from Spirit Comments Off on Sing the Bliss of Existence

sing the song of your heart

sing the song of ALL hearts

it is not important who has
ears to hear

listen to the birds who
sing their song with their
whole being
whether anyone hears or not

because to not sing
would be to not love

sing the bliss of existence
and don’t stop

– Spirit speaking through Sylvia

Jun 01
just sit


feel how your heart naturally expands
and rests
with no effort from you whatsoever

in the absence of fear
the heart naturally expands to include everything
and everyone

see how there is nothing real that can hold your love back
nothing real that can separate my heart from yours

see how everyone is gifted by your open heart
especially you
– Spirit speaking through Sylvia