Feb 07

In this moment I’ve forgotten every unnecessary part of the past

There are some parts I’ve chosen to keep with me

Essential parts can’t be lost

No need to hang on to their shells

This is being current

(literally – current – electricity, water)

There is no question everything I need is here right now or coming and very close

In my body I feel a sense of expanding into what’s next

Where I draw the next thing I need

I am present

I am clear

I sense the next step I’m taking

draws in the next stepping stones.

No need to know beyond that.

Clear and deep trust that exactly what I need will be there exactly when I need it

Thinking of the old pattern I had of keeping stuff because I might need it.

Had to do with belief that I had to be the Source of what I needed

If I didn’t keep it when I encountered it, I wouldn’t have it when needed.

I see little girl w/o needs met, so of course I would hang on.

Belife “You may never have access to this abundance again”

What allows me to get here is unshakable trust.

What feeds and supports me is bigger than me

What about regret for having let some things go?

Those times are about doubting abundance

And comes from regret/grief that I didn’t fully experience it when I did have it

I need to have lots and lots of forgiveness around that.

If there is grieving, grieve and realize I can’t recapture the past moment.

I can only experience this moment and let the past go

This allows me to experience things in my life that are currently serving me

I don’t need relationships with thousands of things

Just hundreds of things that represent my current life

That’s the right balance of energy

And that’s perfect.

Exactly what I need to clean my house…

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