Mar 18

We love that you are noticing the acceleration of time
(many people are not).

We hope that you are also noticing
the acceleration of ease
the acceleration of consciousness
the acceleration of love.

You are being swept along on a current
so vast, there can be no mistaking that
your small self has no control.

And your large self
leads the way.

Stay in the current of joy.

Allow you heart to be
swept away
in a tidal wave
of love.

The wave
is unstoppable
and will

There is no doing to be done.

Only surrender.

– Spirit speaking through Sylvia

One Response to “Tidal Wave of Love”

  1. Of all the spiritual gifts love is the greatest. I didn’t need anyone to tell me that. In the English language we have only one word for love. In latin there are
    many words to describe the different types of love. When I think of love I think in terms of unconditional, we don’t love for any reason but in spite of all reason. I like your analogy of the wave to represent the power of love. It is said that no greater love has man then when he would lay down his life for love. I know how greedily we all hold on to life, but life without love would hardly be worth the effort. Finally love is the only reason man would give up his life willing.

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