Mar 24

You see how much fun life can be
when fear isn’t running the show?

Your willingness to face situations
that you feared
has shown you
that fear has no power
when it is faced.

Fear only has power
when it is avoided.

Every time you walk into the sensation of fear
it can only vanish –
dissolving in the fire of Presence.

Every time you walk through one of these curtains of fear,
you bring more of yourself to the party.

And What A Party!

– Spirit speaking through Sylvia

One Response to “The Fire of Presence”

  1. Margit says:

    Yes I’m facing in the moment a lot of things that trigger my fear.But I always will remember that I wouldn’t block my self ;that I feel my fear and let it pass through. And I’m growing and growing and my fear disappears.I’m going through my anger;I find my sadness and cry.Till there is only one left and that is the true me.I can feel my power that I all have set free.

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