Feb 08

Mmmmmmmmmmmhhhh. . .

I am completely open

to direct guidance

I let go of any illusion of me

as a lone individual

and I’m aware of the many spirits who are connected to me

and I have open, direct communication with them

I welcome spiritual guides as part of my awareness

it feels like a partnership

What I realize is that what’s gotten in the way in the past

is simply my ego –

the belief that I am the one doing this.

I liked that because I could take the credit

“I don’t see you guys so it must be just me . . . “

(bright laughter)

Oh, what a silly thing!

When I relax into what’s more real,  I know that I am a unique individual

and I also understand that

I am a teeny tiny little light

In a sea of infinite light

and to try to shine less or more

than any other light

is a really silly idea.

Oh, I can see a million moments in my life where I’ve done that

(more loving laughter)

Oh, that little ego

The thing to do with that little ego when I notice it wanting to be more special and take credit

is to just remind myself that there is nobody else just like me

that’s all I need to know.

My significance is felt when I see my truest light shining

my significance is to shine, to shine pure love

I’m realizing that my mind uses these words love and light as though they are separate things

But what I’m experience now is that the love and the light and the dark are exactly the same.

Pure energy. Vibration.

The most core reality there is.

Everything. EVERYTHING is energy.



It is what we are made of. What everything is made of. And the dark is where EVERYTHING originates.

The sun is light.

The sun is love.

Food is light.

Food is love.

We are light.

We are love.

Light, the only constant – Love, the only constant. Same thing.

I’d love to have a new word for this

Just to say love and light creates two words with distance between them.

A distance that is not real

My feeling is that somewhere in language there must be a word that means both.

In my body I’m feeling Love/Light as one

This feels like the real stuff

I can feel all these separations that used to exist blending, coming together.

I’ve had the experience of duality operating in separation

Light was Spirit

Love was Emotion

Somehow those felt like different things

This feeling is permeating all of me

From here, these beings –

these other presences

are right here.

And they are completely Love.

I also understand why I don’t have a lot of verbal dialogue with them

When I ask for specific questions or guidance

it’s much more about sensing a very quiet guidance.

These guys are not chatty

They say “Be Still and Know”

It’s beyond language

There is a physical sensation too

it’s an anchor that’s a way of recognizing that knowing.

It’s a deep calm in my solar plexus.

That’s interesting because it’s a place where I have felt so much tension for so long.

The calm pulses very quietly and effortlessly pulls me to the right action.

This is my guidance system when it comes to taking action.

There are other centers that have other purposes at other times, but this is the important one to pay attention to now.

It has to do with my purpose. It has to do with healing my relationship around Time.

It has to do with healing my Self, my understanding of Self and how brightly I choose to shine in the world.

I can trust this feeling completely

I can trust it’s movement completely

I can be still and in action in the same moment


Be still and Know.

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