Feb 08

iStock_000000370386MediumI know that connecting to source in this way is profound and transformative. So why don’t I do this as often as I feel to?

Because you are afraid of the power that is here.

You are afraid of the implications of what you will find out.

You know that the old ways of being will fall away completely, and that is frightening.

There is so much that is on the verge of falling away.

It’s true. You won’t recognize yourself.

Your life will no longer be rooted in the past.

There will be no ‘you’ to grasp.

You already feel what is across the threshold and you are taking a few moments (which to you looks like days, or weeks, or months) to look at all that will be left behind.

Like walking through a house you are about to move out of.
That is fine. Go ahead and look from where you are now and see what you see.

I see heaviness. I see fear. I see slowness of change and
stagnation. I see sentimentality.

Guilt for what was not done, not fully experienced.

I see identification with personalities.

I see unworthiness.

I notice not wanting to release the me I ‘worked so hard’ to develop.

I see the apparent density of the physical world and how like a suit of armor it is. Not who we really are, but heavy nonetheless.

I see generations of patterns and beliefs as heavy layers that go back through eons of ancestors.

Spirit: The energies that were passed from generation to generation had their place and now they are no longer necessary.

Shedding these layers of the past will bring a lightness, an ease, an energy that has been unimaginable in human history.

There is no need to fear this change, although this fear of the unknown is natural.

It is only something to pass through.

It is as natural as the rush of adrenalin that comes when falling, or the fear of death.

Feel it. Embrace it.

It will not affect the process, even though the mind may believe the fear is the cause of delay.

This is not possible.

The movement towards awakening is already set.

Freedom is inevitable.

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