Feb 08

Asking guidance about all that wants to be accomplished and the feeling of pressure and overwhelm.

455It doesn’t really matter what you create in which order.

There is no one right sequence to live your life.

Everything is connected. Everything is interrelated.
It is all bringing you home.

The pressure you feel is simply an attachment to a belief in lack.
An attachment to ‘not enough’ whether it be time, money, resources, love
(specifically related to you).

You can see the abundance of all as a general truth, but don’t deeply know it
totally applies to you. In truth it has nothing to do with ‘you’ personally,
it is simply the core experience of unworthiness
that is the very foundation of the illusion of separation.

When you feel the slightest contraction of fear, look inside for that
core feeling and you will soon unravel it’s hold on you.

It is the very seed of separation.
Without the thought “I am not that” you could never
keep up the play that you are anything but God.

You are on the earth as an artist to play and create using the physical
world as your medium. We are delighted to see what you come up with.
The possibilities are endless. The materials, the process and the result is
all God expressed….as you.

We cannot hold any limitation for you.
Whether you do this or that is your choice.

The experience you have chosen is that of Life,
with all its “this’s and that’s.”

From our view it is not only possible to be in
joy/love during ALL of it, the experience of life is literally MADE of

It takes large amounts of resistance to experience anything else.

Do what feels best. Do what calls your heart. When it comes to
experiences, you can truly ‘have it all” one experience and one moment at a time.

It is only the ego that says things ‘should’ be one way or another.
This is a way of holding onto the illusion that “you” are in control of reality
and it would strip the joy from life in exchange for an apparent
position of power.

Waking up means no longer being fooled by this. The ego will continue to play its part,
but you are no longer “buying it.”

What you create and when is for you to explore and express.
Of course we have a view of no time and we do have great compassion for your
experience of linear reality, but we also know it is not real and we are
here to remind you that there is infinite supply in all dimensions.

Yes, for YOU too.
How could it be otherwise?
Oneness includes EVERY One.

We are One in all things.


– Spirit speaking through Sylvia

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