Feb 08

ALL is well.

You are having the experience of being connected with God as your natural state.

You are now living in what you ARE (infinite fullness), rather than trying to be what you are not (limited self).

All that time you thought you were unworthiness trying to be or ‘get to’ what you were not (Divine) and it turns out that all along you were Divinity pretending to be unworthiness and limitation.

Now there’s the joke!

Coming from the place of pure being you can see that most humans are experiencing life upside down and backwards.

As this state becomes more and more grounded in your experience you will be able to see the places in others where they are pretending to be something other than their true selves.

And you will have the clarity to not believe that ‘act’ for a minute.

You have landed in the Truth my dear, and the illusion will not have the same hold on you again, even if you forget briefly from time-to-time.

THIS is what Freedom feels like.
THIS is what Freedom is.

Everything looks different now, doesn’t it?

Most of the past has been shed and the Light is streaming through you more easily now.
You won’t even remember who you thought you were, except for reminders from people who are living the patterns that used to bind you.

This is as it should be.
You will feel compassion for their suffering and see that suffering as a long-forgotten memory.

Even the belief that to connect with a person you needed to vibrate in the same way is disappearing.
Simply being where you are and feeling what you feel in your heart of hearts is enough.

There is no need to analyze, sympathize, explain or even to teach, although those things may happen while you are connected to your heart.

Being is all there is to be.

In being, ALL is accomplished.

Now isn’t this fun?!


– Spirit speaking through Sylvia

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