Feb 08

As more energy courses through your body (and particularly spine), you are noticing some kinks.

The pain is felt because of the pressure of increased flow.
There is also an imbalance in the muscular system that pulls the spine out of alignment ongoingly.

There are emotional energies at the core of these imbalances, but there is no need to analyze or dwell on this. Strengthening your abdominal muscles will allow the lower back to open and shifting the head directly over the shoulders will allow the remaining tension in the head, neck and shoulders to release.

Any emotional imprint that needs to be released will make itself known in the moment.

You are learning the balance of increased energy flow and opening/allowing that flow. It is very much a yin/yang, feminine/masculine physical/spiritual dance in your consciousness.

Enjoy the dance. Enjoy the unraveling of the kinks.

It will be an energizing process!

Guidance for this week:

Let go.

Let go to God.

In the last few days, you have felt some slipping into the old patterns of fear.

Not completely, but as we remind you of this, you can feel what we mean. The subtle familiarity of guilt, shame, unworthiness, separation.

Like a rut in a dirt road that gravity pulls you into. You know this is not a big deal. It is just something to be aware of during the awakening process and we rejoice that you are feeling the pull and recognizing it early, which naturally lifts you out of the pattern.

You are gradually, inexorably merging with us.

With all that is.
With your true nature.
Your higher self.
The I Am Presence.

It does not matter what name is used.

You know this in your heart and are welcoming the opening into Oneness.

The heart of God is in you – always lighting the way.

– Spirit speaking through Sylvia

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