Mar 15


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Safety can only
be experienced
in full acceptance
of what is.

is not
a guarantee.

is not
an absence of fear.

is not
finding a constant state.

can be found
in the infinite.

into the very core
of your being

and here
you will find relief.

Only here.

– Spirit speaking through Sylvia

Nov 24

The end of the world as we know it

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If you’ve been  paying attention to the countdown for the exciting conclusion to the Mayan Calendar at the Winter Solstice in December 2012, here’s a channeled message I received from Spirit about what looks to be a beginning, not the end of time.

The Winter Solstice of 2012 has been the focus of great hope and intention and it is indeed a special day, but as with many events of cosmic significance it can be easy to misinterpret or get in a stressful relationship with because of the sense of momentousness.

There is no need for this.

While a certain amount of excitement and anticipation is natural, seeing one day as more important than any other can take our attention away from the present moment, which is more powerful than anything happening around us-even significant cosmic events.

For many years now the song of the Universe has been building to a crescendo. More and more people are hearing the change and contributing their own unique melodies and harmonies as this part of the era or age comes to a conclusion.

If you see it as a symphony, the solstice of December 21st, 2012 is simply a turning point, a pause between movements and the beginning of a new one with a different feeling, different tempo and new themes.

For those of you who have been preparing and consciously participating in this galactic shift, observing the countdown of days to the solstice is an opportunity to accelerate your own awakening in unexpected ways.

Planning special events to gather, meditate and tune in during the passage of earth into this new energy is encouraged, but to focus attention only on the day of the solstice would cause you to miss many points of extraordinary expansion in the days leading up to and following that moment.

There is tremendous energy available now for all those who are willing to receive it.

Our guidance to you is to meditate each day at any time you feel called. Listen to your body for subtle cues to pause and quiet your mind. These signals will be unique to you, perhaps a sudden wave of tiredness, a desire for silence, an interruption that reminds you to take a break. Do your best to follow these impulses whether the meditative moments are brief or extended.

This is how your nervous system will be able to tune itself to higher and higher frequencies gently and with ease. Trust the wisdom of your body through this time of transition and you will receive benefits greater than your logical mind can understand.

You will also substantially increase your capacity to live in the moment as you consistently meditate during the days before, during and after the 2012 Winter Solstice. This is by far the greatest potential of the “portal” in consciousness that has been so anxiously awaited for millennia-for each of you to experience in your own heart the light of truth, the infinite joy of being.

Even as you celebrate and sense the significance of the position of planets on a grand scale, keep your focus in the moment, keep your awareness with the portal of consciousness that is within you, and you will have the opportunity to participate in a chorus of joy that is greater than anything you have imagined.

– Spirit speaking through Sylvia

Jun 14

Full Plate

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A conversation with Spirit, 2012

Q: There’s a lot on my plate. How do I balance everything?

A: Follow the flow. Completely. Allow us to work through you. You can be connected to us in every moment. For mental work, let us think through you. For physical work, let us be the strength that moves your body.

Let us give you the words to speak. Let go of the belief that you are “doing” anything. Remember we are ALWAYS accessible. There is no need to function alone.

Q: Thank you. Another question. There’s so much information coming in and so much of it seems interesting but I know that with everything I want to create, there isn’t time to follow all the things that look interesting. What do you suggest?

Yes, study, but only for inspiration. Once the spark of inspiration has been activated, take action from that inspiration. Include us in every part of the process and remember that you have access to infinite knowledge. We will place material in front of you that will inspire the next action and the next. Trust that you will never be without guidance.

Q: I hear you and understand that you see things from the infinite view. What about when this dimension feels heavy and slow?

A: Let go of the need to create alone. Drop the belief that things must take a certain amount of time. It is when you disconnect from us that creation feels heavy and hard. We are here to help. We are here to make what you call miracles, but only when you allow us to.

Consider the possibility of instant manifestation, of great ease, of teamwork that feels effortless. The physical dimension need not feel heavy and hard. It can feel light, joyful and miraculous.

Play at that level of feeling, for that is why you are here.



Feb 19

You Are Ready

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Now is the time to claim your place in the evolution of humanity.

There is no “doing” to be done.
Only settling into the truth and fully accepting the path you have chosen.

The peace you are feeling now is a deep knowing of your place and purpose.

There are many forms this purpose could have taken and we acknowledge you for choosing to serve many at this time.

This choice will bring you into deeper alignment with the long arc of change.

While choosing to serve at the level of one-on-one is equally important and one that many are called to, we recognize the unique commitment of those who accept the call to be leaders at the group level.

This choice is bringing about an internal transition, an expansion, a shift in your very being. The essence of your purpose remains unchanged from the course you chose before this lifetime, and yet as you choose a scale of service that expands from your previous experience (and frightened you in the past), you engage another level of support from the unseen world.

We are with you as you move forward in service to larger and larger community.
Trust the pulse of joy that draws you along the path.
Trust your heart’s message to those you would serve.

Remember that as you share the depth of your presence and understanding, the right people will be drawn to you.

It has only been your resistance that has made the path difficult at times.
Feel the ease now as you no longer struggle for either anonymity or recognition.

There is nothing to be other than your full self.
Your loving self.

You are ready.

– Spirit speaking through/to Sylvia

Feb 08

All Mighty

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heavenly 2Trust the all-mighty.
Remember that the life force
that moves within you
is the very power of creation

not just outside of you,
as you might have imagined
The force that breathes you
courses through the entire universe

there is no need to rely
on old stories of being rescued from outside yourself

your experience of being “without” has only originated from looking without.

Within you is infinite power
within you is infinite source

trust this all mighty as you trust your own heart

– Spirit speaking through Sylvia

Feb 08

Whether or not you see or feel the possibilities of your life, know that in every moment you are guided by the intelligence of the stars.

The influences of the Universe are working in every aspect of life.
You can trust this.
You can surrender to this.

It is easy to get caught up in the first-person view and forget the bigger (the HUGE, Universal, scale beyond imagining…) picture.

Feel the love in the physical world that you touch and see in this moment all the way to the center of your Universe billions of light years away. ALL of it is love.

What else could there possibly be?

This is a gentle reminder that you are part of that, moment-to-moment, day-to-day, by weeks, months, years, lifetimes, eons.

Remembering this will help you relax into the greater flow.
Yes, today’s agenda of accomplishment is part of that as well….and it is an infinitesimal bit in the whole of creation.

Living in an urban environment is myopic by nature.
Take some time to gaze at the stars.
Take breaks from the energy of the city.

This will revitalize and rejuvenate your soul.
Even looking at expansive pictures can be helpful during your time in the city.

Also exploring the inner reaches of your awareness is helpful (as you already do).
As a hologram, the entire Universe can be accessed through your cellular system.

Play with that!

Zoom out. Zoom in.

This will keep your consciousness flexible.

As always,
we are with you in love.

– Spirit speaking through Sylvia

Feb 07

Growing up, growing down

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210012_3998680764532_973027622_oI am finally grounded

I’ve been on this earth long enough
That I feel deeply connected to it

I see the beauty in all that is physical.
Even the part of the picture that is messy.
The rotting, the pain and the death.

I understand how brief
our time is here
and because I also understand the Eternal

I appreciate form from a larger view.

I’m grounded in my purpose
I know that no one can prevent me from living my own life
no one can prevent me from giving my own gifts

…except me.

I just felt an old fear

“But, is there room for me?”

With all the infinite possibilities and numbers of people
is there room for me?

The way I can know if there’s room for me is that
I’m here.

I’m here and there’s space around me
so there must be room for me.

I see that much of my reluctance to be grounded was from the doubt
that there was room for me in the world.

So by touching the ground lightly
Not claiming the physical
I seemed to take up less space on this earth

So now I have a footprint
What a relief!

An appropriate sized footprint

I don’t misuse resources
But I do use resources and I also create resources

I have a conscious and loving relationship with my physical world
I have a conscious and loving relationship with my body

Every day I feel the earth feeding me
and I feel myself as part of that cycle.

I also feed the earth

I give myself full permission
to enjoy this whole experience of matter

I love to play with clay and sand
to touch it, to come back to a very basic playful relationship with earth.

For those times when fear comes around I can say

“Just look at your history”

Look at the big truth and ask
“Have you ever really been without?”

When I do that I feel the calm of the word “NO”

I’ve never been without – really
Although it may have seemed that way

Ask in this moment,
“Do you have everything you really need?”

The answer is always YES.

Look at the past

Look at the present

Look to the future

Why would you be afraid there won’t be enough for you when there always has been enough, really.

(thinking of a time when the story of fear seemed real)

I can see myself in my room as a child
There’s a feeling of
loneliness, emptiness, heaviness

there’s clutter everywhere
there’s a feeling that if I disappeared
nobody would notice or care
that it would actually be easier on the whole family if I were to disappear

…and even from that place, I can also feel
my truer self.

I can feel her waiting and watching
and getting fed by the invisible world
and the world of nature
the world of stories
the miniature world.

The story that nobody would care was drama
that gave me the fantasy, the hope that someone would indeed care

part of me knew that they would notice
that was the root of the suicidal fantasies

That they would discover my broken body

“Oh no!”

And they would be in despair and guilt and torment,
“Why didn’t we notice!?”

That gave me the excuse to blame them

“It’s all their fault”

The Truth was I could have come out more.
I could have asked for more. I would have survived.
There were risks, but I could have asked.

What I understand now is that it’s time to let go of that story.
Forgive them, forgive myself and move on.

Grow up.

I can feel a part of me has been holding out for a parent to come along

and “grow me up.”

But that’s not the way it works. We grow ourselves up.

I’ve believed that by staying helpless in some ways (while appearing mature in others) eventually someone would parent me in the ways I wasn’t parented.

And I see that as I grow up
my son is free to grow up too.

Feb 07

True Support

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I feel absolute support

Unquestionable, unshakable support

First thing I notice is that my muscles relax around my bones

Instead of exterior structures to hold me up

I relax into the incredible support of my bones

My bones are really happy to be there for me

They are saying, ‘That’s what we are made for!”

Of course that’s what they are here for

I was fighting gravity, and they just waited for me to show up

And notice they hold me up

The energy in my bones is the deepest


They are made of stone, literally

Stone but filled with light

They are hollow

with a softness in the center

that is a Carrier of Light

Never felt marrow of my bones before.

This is my center

the carrier of life

Marrow makes my blood

Source of the very stuff that keeps me alive,

my Lifeblood

It has been there all of these years and I have never even noticed it

When I go in and ask “am I supported?”

Deep, deep juicy rich


More supported than you ever imagined

I was trying to rely on everything else for support.

That can’t work.

Like trying to balance on anything but the center

Trying to balance on the edges, like a see-saw

That can’t ever work.

This is my own center

Once realized, there is no point in ever being off-center

My dance with others becomes a wonderful exchange and movement

from my own center.

I got here by feeling into this place often

Helped to pay attention to the mineral component of my body

And feed it with the trace minerals it needs

Feeding it makes the stone  feel more support

Helps the marrow to feed light

All important components to work optimally

Now I’m feeling light moving through the center of my body

Feel it originating in very center of my bones

When I used to feel only the exterior of bones, they felt fragile.

With awareness of my deep center there is so much more support

Light moves through the spine and long bones really well

Even small bones – with really thin and fragile bones like skull and ear bones

Buzzing – All is pure vibration

I move with more ease, feel more strong and whole

Awareness of whole core as moving vibrant system

Once believed core was mysterious part of me, and didn’t feel connected or

know where it was.

Spine is fluid mover of life allowing it all to circulate

I drink lots of water

Pay attention when body needs something

Is it mineral, chemical, structural?

I find clarity to function optionally

Notice change in muscular system. Release.

All of it gets to let go – abdomen, shoulders

All parts of me I once believed I needed to make things happen

Now I let go and feel supported.

Much less effort!