My full time passion/work is supporting accelerated transformation through my 3 businesses that were all created through divine downloads of information.
Inquiry Cards , Root Change programs and the  Grow Your Business Organically home-study course for heart-centered entrepreneurs fill my life with  joy and service.

…and I love being a channel for Messages from Spirit, so I make myself available for occasional individual readings.

If you resonate with these messages and feel drawn to receiving one specifically channeled for you, just email me your question/s with the subject line “Message from Spirit please” and we can schedule a reading.

The way I receive a message for you is the same way it works when I get messages for myself. I get quiet and hold your question in a receptive state of listening to spirit on your behalf.

The answers come as an underlying feeling and a stream of words, sometimes very specific and sometimes I find the words that best fit the energetic quality (or image). There’s a resonance that happens when the words match the energy and I sit with the message as it emerges, until that resonance feels complete.

hereMy current rate is $150 an hour and readings usually take between 45 minutes to one hour. Sessions can be by phone, Skype, or if you email a question, you receive your typed reading by email.

Happy to serve,


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